Mystic Mountain Distillery is a true Colorado native. Entranced by the beauty of Colorado and the rich history of the pioneers that forged their own way, we distill those rich spirits into each, and every bottle we craft.

Our founders know the meaning of a hard day’s work; with roots from the oil and contrucstion fields, we have embraced that hard work mentality to create the dream of doing what we love; making great spirits for humble people.

Using Rocky Mountain water, we bring a little of Colorado into every batch of whiskey, moonshine, vodka and gin that takes the journey out of our doors and into your home.

We have something for everybody, and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.

Gather round the campfire boys and girls, do we have a story for you. In the late 1870s (give or take a couple of years) Rocky Mountain Sippin’ Hooch (Hooch is Moonshine for all you city folk) was born in the hills outside of Cripple Creek, Colorado. By the mid 1920s our Sippin’ Hooch was known as the best shine around. 

The demand became so great that Grandpa Linneman souped up the engine in his old Model A and became one of the first bootleggers of this legendary shine during the great depression. Fast forward to current times and we have added to our line, not only carrying the original Hooch, but Whiskeys, Vodka, and Gin are now a part of the Mystic Mountain Distillery Family.